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Agronow Business Viewer is a strategic evolution in market intelligence that enables tactical information, identifying, for example, the areas with the greatest potential for production and investment opportunities, while monitoring and validating these investments”,
explains Agronow's CDSO, Antonio Morelli

With a few clicks, know where and when to invest in rural property

The tool generates analysis, warnings and regional comparisons. It is segment-oriented and focused on business/investor interests.

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Digital Agriculture

In addition to harvest forecasting, Agronow Business Viewer collects data from rural properties to determine the most productive areas and those with the greatest business potential.

We monitor rural properties through satellite images.

Our algorithm uses radiometric and thermodynamic parameters to determine crop productivity potential.

The platform compares statistical data over the last 5 years of a region or property.

Companies can track and monitor crops by receiving harvest alerts, crop failures, crop quality, and other variables of interest.

By adopting faster and more effective measures for field monitoring and harvest forecasting, Agronow, when coupled with financial support, reaches rural producers as a sort of solution accelerator.

Benefits and
advantages of using
Business Viewer
Benefits and advantages of using Agronow Business Viewer
  • Reduction of operationals costs;
  • Greater consistency of collected data;
  • Reduction of risks at operations in the field;
  • Allows dynamic queries by region;
  • Higher speed of data collection.

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