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What if the plants spoke?

Believe us, they speak. Our algorithms have been trained for years to understand them. We use state-of-the-art Deep Learning to generate insights into complex data. In other words: in practice, you will be able to make better decisions, based on more accurate information.

What is Deep Learning for? (or: what to do with so much information)

Deep Learning is a way of teaching computers to understand the world, transforming isolated data into an understandable panorama. Inspired by the human brain, Deep Learning happens through connections that imitate neurons, organized in layers that generate increasingly larger abstractions.

Agronow's models take advantage of the massive amounts of data generated by the satellites to intelligently extract comparative data applied specifically to the agribusiness market.

Seeing Further

Geospatial data generates information in (almost) real time. They are immense amounts of data, which are only possible to decipher and organize using models of deep learning and artificial intelligence. We have developed our own models that bring complete insights that apply to different parts of the agribusiness chain, in addition to agricultural production of various commodities. We serve different players in the chain, with the ability to identify agricultural crops, production quality, planting and harvest dates, area expansion and retraction, and comparative data from across the national territory over the past five years.

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