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Who we are

Agronow offers robust analysis of agricultural areas with high quality and statistically reliable results through proprietary crop data.
This way you can track and monitor your crops every three days, receiving harvest alerts, such as crop shortfalls, harvest quality and other variables of interest.

Agronow, cultivating the future, now

Agriculture 2.0

  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Agricultural machinery

Agriculture 3.0

  • Geospatial Information
  • Climatological Data
  • Soil Analysis
  • Modified Seeds

Agriculture 4.0

  • Satellite Images
  • IoT and M2M Integration
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Big Data

Agriculture 5.0

  • Deep Learning
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Self-Calibrated Models
  • Real Time Data

What we work with







An innovative technology capable of bridging distances

Proprietary Algorithm

Using radiometric and thermodynamic parameters it determines the crop yield potential.

Validated Study

It has proven methodology in several field trials by market experts.

Global Platform

Able to monitor any rural property in the world through satellite imagery.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. identifies and classifies the cultures that are present in different regions and planting areas.

Dynamic Databases

Users receive satellite image-based scans that calibrate the company database and rebalance models, improving future results

Our differential

The analysis of planting areas using neural networks and reliable productivity data that leads to production estimate with a unique efficacy in the market.


All information in one place

With Agronow, all farm productivity information is accessible in one place, making it easy for you to view and make strategic decisions for your business.

Climatological and Market Data

Quickly and simply view information on the climate of your region that combined with market data will aid your strategic decision making process.

Scheduling and Analysis Generation

Agronow offers robust agricultural analysis with high quality and reliable statistical results through proprietary crop data at specific times.

Compare Data

Compare the productivity data of your current crop with that of past harvests and check the evolution of your crop, making use of analytical information in an agile way.

Production and Productivity of the Farm

Companies can track and monitor their customer's crops or suppliers every three days and receive harvest alerts, production breaks, harvest quality, and other variables of interest. Fast and automated data with no need of field trips.

Who uses Agronow?

Platform for use by different players in the business chain

Platform for use by different players in the business chain

  • Small Growers
  • Medium and Large Growers
  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Trading Companies
  • Chemical Industries
  • Agronomical consulting

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